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Sabah, a land blessed with diverse landscapes – from sun-kissed beaches to majestic mountains and lush rainforests, offers an abundant playground for the discerning investor. The region’s expanding tourism market opens a treasure trove of opportunities across a spectrum of tourism activities and sectors.

Tropical Climate

Tropical Climate

Nestled around the equator, Kota Kinabalu enjoys a tropical rainforest climate with temperatures as high as 32 °C and high humidity.

Tropical Climate

Rich Biodiversity

Over 40% of Malaysia’s protected terrestrial and marine areas are in Sabah, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The coasts are also part of the Coral Triangle, the planet’s epicentre of marine biodiversity.

Tropical Climate

Vibrant Culture

Sabah’s rich heritage is a magnet for culture enthusiasts. Home to over 33 indigenous groups that speak over 50 languages and 80 dialects, visitors can immerse themselves in local traditions.

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Perfect for Eco-Tourism

Perfect for Eco-Tourism

With traditional longhouses, dense jungles, caves and wild rivers, Sabah is the ideal destination for adventurous vacationers. With 675 hotels and over 30,067 rooms as of 2018, every adventurer has a comfortable abode awaiting.

Perfect for Eco-Tourism

Direct Connectivity to Major APAC Cities

Direct flights from major Asia Pacific cities like Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo bring you straight to Sabah’s tropical paradise. The Kota Kinabalu International Airport, the second busiest in Malaysia, services over 20 international destinations from 12 foreign carriers.

Perfect for Eco-Tourism

High Potential for Growth

While global hotel and resort giants have made their mark, the scope for growth is boundless. Demand for hospitality services is especially robust beyond Kota Kinabalu, particularly along the Eastern coast, famed for diving and wildlife encounters.

The number of hotels in Kota Kinabalu (205 hotels) hints at the vibrant market, yet districts like Sandakan (82 hotels) present ample potential for new ventures, underscoring the burgeoning potential for growth and expansion.

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